As I promised, I am now going to write some information about my holiday. My parents, I and our family's friends were staying for six nights (07/12/27 – 08/01/02) in Austria in a town called Pasriach. We were there for skiing and snowboarding in Nassfeld, a ski area near the Italian borders. The interesting thing was, that there was not but artificial snow, although it was quite cold. One day we went for skating on a frozen lake near our house, because of my mother's third-day-superstition. There was a very nice weather all the time, so we really enjoyed it.

The only bad thing was the fact that my sister was not with us because she is in the US. Her blog is here.

In the first photo there is me and in the second one there is my mother and I am behind her.

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  1. wow what is that whiet sweatshirt??? i like it, and do u ski with sun-skiglasses??, nice blog, u chose the same blog as bara did for her blog about australi,.. austria, australia:)) haha

  2. thank u - u probably did not see it cause I think I bought it after u left. it is bought in uncle sam - know it? sort of sport store but a bit more expensive (for me of course - not for mum - she bought there a very very expensive leather jacket:))
    thank for your comment - nobody writes here:(
    i do not really WEAR glasses - they r on my helmet all the time:)
    i got them for christmas - u know the effect on the snow early in the evening when u cannot see some asperity? they r quite good for it - u see better when use them.

  3. dont be sad that nobody writes here,..nobody writes on mine either:)),..i admit that there hasnt been anything to comment for long time, but still:)),..now, when its so actuall:)),..well, anyway,..blog is more for u than for anybody else anyways,..my english is horrible now 'cause i read catcher in the rye now and its sooo slang!!! we read it school, u know,...dannng!:))


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