June 19: Fourth day in California

I have an idea, that this blog could be my something like diary during the trip... but we will see.

Two days ago we had breakfast made by Dan and then meant to go to Malibu, Santa Monica and Venice Beach. Maggie was not with us because she had to receive her graduation diploma at school. Thanks to the Thomas Guide we got to Santa Monica but we wanted to take a walk in Malibu. So we drove further and further but still nothing special could be seen... After all the attempts we parked the car for free(!) and then walked for about fifteen minutes just to find out that we could neither swim there, nor meet some foreigners.

Then we went to Santa Monica but we just walked around the most shopping street. But it was not so bad – I bought there a T-shirt so I was quite satisfied. Then we had something little to eat and then had to drive back, because we were supposed to have dinner out with host-parents.

I swam at parent's hotel's pool for a while and then we went to the city where Maggie's graduation had taken place. There was a very nice Italian restaurant. I had pasta but I could hardly eat it up. In the front of the restaurant there was an outside-cinema – E.T. – so we watched it for a while and then went back. I didn't go to bed till half past two because I was making puzzle with Kerry...

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