June 20: Downtown...

Two days ago we decided to go to the Downtown. Ok, I can admit now that it was not such a good idea to go there at noon. I do not think I had ever been hotter! First we went to the City Hall and it was even possible to go up the Hall even though dad was not allowed to go there with a knife so I went there with him again then.

After that we went to Olvera Street where near the City was founded in the El Pueblo de Los Angeles and to the catholic Our Lady Queen of Angels Church nearby. Then we visited the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels - a very big impressive building in modern style. There was cooler and the mess was in progress so we spent a while there.

Then we went to Disney Theatre because parents thought it was the Getty Museum because of its architecture... there were wrong though. My parents (especially mum) were so keen to see the skyscrapers in Wells Fargo Center so we walked there... At that time we started to be pretty exhausted so we got Jamba Juice and Fresh Juices (since mum hates all that stuff she bought a coke for herself). The skyscrapers were very high and it was very hot among them. But we are to see a lot higher skyscrapers in the New York City (although there will be a bit more bearable weather I hope).

The Westin Bonaventure Hotel near the Wells Fargo Center was very interesting, because it is known for its tangled stairs, lifts, inside terraces and corridors.

On the way to Broadway we started dying. Broadway was full of Hispanian Stores and quite dirty but we did not care about anything honestly. We just stopped in Bradbury Building where a few films (for example Blade Runner) was shot because there are beautiful stairs in wood and metal and marble.

Then we crept to the Union Station where we had to buy something more to drink and mum got an acquintance. Mum had the red spotted face and I think she felt dizzy, so we decided to go to the beach.

The Venice beach was also very intensive experience. It wasn't that easy to find our way but we saw the channels (from which the name of the beach is derived) at least before we found a parking place. The sea had as usual huge waves but far more interesting were the people on the street. There were kind of market and a lot of buskers and beggars. Maggie bought an earring for herself and both of us had ice-cream.

In the evening it started to be quite difficult to find a suitable place for having dinner. At last we found Bondy's place - there was quite a funny Australian guy from whom we bought fish and chips.

We arrived home very late and found Kerry making a sign for Maggie's birthday party. I felt asleep immediately.

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