June 21: Birthday party

Instead of going to the Getty museum as we had planned we stayed at home and helped to prepare Maggie's birthday party. First we built a new pool then swept garden furniture and built tents. It was extremely hot so I even got a beer from Dan (he said it was OK if it is at home under the parental control and at age almost 21). Then some guests came. There were three types of them: little kids, their parents and Maggie's friends. I was sitting on the patio with my parents and we together had to face a lot of introductions. Then Enxuush from Mongolia came to talk to us which was shy a little bit.

Then Maggie got a cake and presents but I was not watching that too much because I had something to do on the Internet for about five hours. My parents left and came back during the time and were planning our trip with Dan. Then I went to the backyard and talked to some of Maggie's friends. I was talking to Agelina most and to Tegan (such a bright girl), Amanda, Steve and Jordan and maybe some others.

I went to bed after I spent some other time on the Internet. We planned to clean all the mess up in the morning but Maggie did it right in the evening – I was not able to help her unfortunately, because I was very tired.

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