June 23: Heat and road.

We got up at 4:30 (not very much refreshed) to see the dawn. At the Keys View there was windy and cold but the dawn was worth it. Then we came back to the camp and before breakfast Maggie and I went for a “walk” on the rock. Parents were not very happy that we had been away for a long time. We had breakfast and took the direction to Flagstaff.

Nothing was very much interesting during the journey except for Cholla Cactus Garden, where there was a track among the cactuses. which we took. The cactuses are said to prick... we tried to provoke one plant with a stick and nothing happened. But then while my parents and I were watching a rat-like-animal, my sister gave a cry – she stepped on a cactus and her attempt to take the thorns off caused that she had her hands full of them, which were very difficult to take out. Mum ended up very similarly, so then we quickly went to the car and drove away.

In the tourist center mum told a seller about our night experience and she looked as if really cared and would try to do something about that.

We then left California and entered Arizona. Arizona welcomed us with the horrible hot weather and with the London Bridge in Lake Havasu City – it is an old English bridge which was a stone by stone transported over the ocean to this town. It is not very interesting (just an ordinary stone bridge) and the heat was unbearable so we went on.

We had lunch Kingman in a Mexican (I would say) fast food. We were then experienced enough to order just three meals: salad, burritos and tacos. It was very good but ice-cream at a nearby McDonald's was not – it was just like always but was not worth waiting such a long time as we had to.

In the late afternoon we arrived in Flagstaff in the Days Inn, when another surprise came... At the reception we were told we had made a mistake with our reservation – we had reserved it for July 23 instead of June 23. But after some suspenseful minutes the guys solved it out and rebooked the correct date for us.

Our room was quite nice – we appreciated that it is possible to have a four-bed room in motels. The only drawback was the clogged toilet. Maggie and I went to run for a while and then used a pool at the hotel.

Then we decided to go to Flagstaff centre although the only thing we really deserved was sleep. Later it turned out to be a good decision. We lost our way a bit but then when we finally reached the center, we were walking a bit, window shopping and we chose some restaurants which would be good for the next day Maggie-birthday-party.

My sister was hungry as usual so we stopped at Pita Pit – I did not have anything but my parents and my sister had two pitas together. On our way home we visited a bookstore – Maggie got the new Coldplay CD – Viva La Vida for her birthday and I bought my favorite book – The Waterland. As always we were glad to see our beds.

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