June 26: Bridges.

We were woken up by heat at about 6:30, had breakfast and about two hours later we drove back to the Visitor Center, bought there some magnets and presents for ourselves and others (as always in visitor centers), watched a ten-minute-film about Natural Bridges and took the Bridge View Drive from where you can see one by one all three of Natural Bridges.

The first one was the Sipapu Bridge we saw it also very close because we went on hiking trail all the way down near the bridge. The hike was quite steep and there were three ladders so Maggie's flip-flops turned out not to be very much suitable shoes.

Kachina Bridge, the second and youngest one was very far and not so interesting so we decided not to go down there.

The third Owachomo Bridge was the oldest one and the most thin. It is the only one which is no longer shaped by water. The hiking trail to it was short and we were quite interested in this bridge so we went there and up.

After Natural Bridges we drove to Capitol Reef National Park and on the way we had lunch at one of gas stations. The chain of that fast-food was called Sten or alike and although we had just two meals and fries, we made a mistake by taking three “Stens' World famous shakes”. In fact, one shake was a huge mug of very sweet ice-cream, so we were gorged as usual and Maggie (!!) even did not eat it up.

There we just saw Fremont petroglyphs (painted by people of Fremont culture who were living there between 700 and 1250) which sort of disappointed us. There were not many of them and furthermore they were hardly visible.

Then we drove to Dixie Forest where we hoped to get a campground. There were three camps but when we chose (I think) the best one, a ranger came to us and told us that there was a fire on the top of the mountain and we might have to move during the night. So we said we would go beyond the mountain and find another camp. She said that there was a possibility that the road was still open but she did not know.

So we tried... and succeeded... but not with a camp. The camp under the mountain on the opposite side was full and when we finally found the other two camps in Escalante, we found out that they were full too.

So we drove all the way to Kodachrome Basin camp near the Bryce Canyon. The camp still had some places and we were glad to find it even it cost 16 dollars instead of usual 10 dollars. Then we found that there were water and showers in the camp.

We made our fish what we had bought in a supermarket... It might have been sort of weird but anyway... they were good. Then we played our Rummikub for a while and then went to sleep.

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