June 27: Bryce Canyon, Zion Park, Las Vegas.

We were woken up at about 7:30 by the Sun. Maggie got up the last one as usual but then we did not delayed much and went to Bryce Canyon. The interesting thing about national parks is, that even there are a lot of them, each park is unique and beautiful. For example Bryce Park is famous for its huge amount of thin high orange rocks which remind me of organs. We took a trail – it was hot and down and up (even on the solid pavement) and it was not worth it sincerely, because the best view is from above. It is possible to use a shuttle but we went by car so we saw even the Rainbow point where Maggie had hoped to see the Puddle rock but it was broken (at least we thought – we simply did not find it). The shuttle does not go all the way to Rainbow point and sincerely it is not worth the driving because you can see everything from the view point.

We had lunch in restaurant Thunderbird – they had awesome cheesecake – and went on to Zion Park. We asked a ranger to call some camps whether they had a space for us – they had not, so we decided to drive all the way to Las Vegas. Before that we took a shuttle and went to the Virgin river where we walked along the river and then along the shuttle way. Then we drove directly to Las Vegas.

We were so nervous about the accommodation that we ended up in the cheapest hotel in Las Vegas and probably the only one without a pool. Hotel Gateway was on The Strip but very far away from the center as we were about to find out soon but after we got over the fear of stealing our belongings we were grateful of the low price of 60 dollars for a night in four-bed-room.

The first day on the Strip did not come out very well because we did not realize how much time it would take to get to the center. So when we finally got there, we bought a soda and took the bus to the hotel.

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