June 16 - 18: California!

So, I am in California now! I really enjoy my stay here. We arrived here two days ago in the evening (at midnight precisely). When I saw my sister, the first thing that came to my mind was that she is not that plump as she had told us – on the contrary – she is so beautiful with the long blond hair and suntanned skin.

Yesterday we had some experience with the American food. I found out two things: I hate Hawaiian BBQ and the "medium" Jamba Juice is too big (especially if you have to finish your mum's one...). Then we went to the beach – the Pacific Ocean really has bigger waves than I am used to from Mediterranean Sea, but I enjoyed it much more.

Today we went to Hollywood and to the Beverly Hills. We drove through Mulholland Drive and went through Rodeo Drive, where there are shops as Vuitton, Chanel, Dior and so on. We even went inside what was fun a lot because I was wearing my worst and oldest sandals... but after all they should not care.

After that there was Maggie's graduation at La Serna High School. It was very... American. It took place at the football stadium, there were speeches, some special awards were given and they congratulated every each student and read their name. Now my sister is partying – she has Grad Night.

Tomorrow we are going to the Venice Beach and maybe to the centre of Los Angeles.

Have a nice time in Prague!

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