June 22: Joshua Tree.

We got up early and set up journey... OK, that was a plan but in fact we got up quite late and did not set up till noon, because Maggie went to the hospital (she helped there with handicapped kids) and we had some problems with packing and cleaning our room at least a bit.

Finally we left for the National Park Joshua Tree. On the way there we virtually did not stop bur for shopping some food. In The Joshua Tree we first bought some gifts for our friends and family members, found out that it was too late to buy a National Park ticket (that is not a problem at all – you can buy it later) and then started looking for food... I turned out to be quite a problem. At last we ended up in the Saloon where a lot of weid people were and where, in fact, I and Maggie were not allowed to enter (we did not know that). But we ate our food and left.

The park was very beautiful. The joshua tree is not in fact a tree although it looks like a being. It has a few curved branches and thorny trunk and prickles. There are a plenty of them in the park.

We found the camping place Hidden Valley – very nature-like nice place where you do not have even water. We tried to see the sunset on the Keys View in which we succeed in fact but we arrived there late anyway because we did not see red-lighted hills below us – the sun was too low already.

We had picnic in our camp, which consists of strawberries and fruit juice and then went to bed...

But now I cannot finish my post because we were supposed to experience quite an extraordinary night. I remember just the sound of cars and then some crying like “I will fuck you! I will kill you!”. I looked at the mobile phone – just to know what the time was (it was about 2:15), but mum told me not to light it and bend the head down. Her voice sounded pretty scared.

The next day mum told us that there were some people playing something like LARP from about 11:30 for three hours on. Mum hardly slept at all and both parents and Maggie were really afraid... You know, how phlegmatic I am all the time.

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