June 25: Monument Valley and road.

I think we got up at 7:00 or 7:30 and after the same breakfast like the previous day we started to go on the same way as to Grand Canyon but then to the East to the Native American reservations. The first interesting thing we saw this day was the Navajo National Monument Park. And it was very interesting. Betatakin (“ledge house”) is a cliff where there is the whole city inside. It was very well-preserved although the inhabitants only lived there between 1250 and 1300.

When I was looking from the Overview down in the direction of the cliff, I could not believe that it was so big and the little houses inside were the real houses for real people. I think it would have been interesting to take a tour around that and some other interesting places but we did not have enough time.

In a small town Kayenta (as usual just a petrol station) we had lunch, but it was not just an ordinary lunch... A Waitress was a Native American girl, we were the only non-indian customers inside, and almost every tables were covered with dirty dishes. We ordered some Navajo food and we kind of forgot that we should order just two or three meals and not four. Maggie had rice with vegetables – it was quiet tasteless. Mum and I had something like langosh with meat and chilli. Dad had tortilla. I liked my meal but I am not sure about the others. But it was by all means too much.

Then we went to the top of this day – Monument Valley, which is in Utah. It is virtually a desert with rock monuments. It is possible just to look from the main road and see everything but we went to the visitor centre because we wanted to go on an unpaved road 18 miles and back.

The pass to National Park was not valid for Monument Valley, so we had to pay extra.

It was supposed to be OK with an ordinary car, but we were quite afraid of blowing a tyre because in fact we were not supposed to go to Utah with the rented car and the road was not as secure as we had thought, so we returned soon.

We had read that there are two mittens but we were could not have found them because there were in fact lots of monuments which looked like mittens. What I liked the most was the rock what we called Bishop (then we found out that it is called The King of his Throne).

When we left the park we drove all the way to Natural Bridges National Monument where we found a really nice camp. (There were a lot of ants but the did not bother at all.) We took the zig-zagging up road 261 from where there was the best view I had ever seen.

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