I Am Trying to Love the World. Anew.

I am trying hard. To love the sun, to be happy about the snow, about the light glistening through windows or trees. I try to enjoy a man's attention instead of being upset about me being a woman. I try to enjoy other people's cleverness instead of crying over my own presumed stupidity. I try not to seek for ulterior motives of someone who is nice to me. I try to find simple joys: the sunrise, a kid on a tram whom I rescue from falling, a bookshop assistant who is happy about a little chat with me, an acclaim at work, a nice photo I made, a well translated Ancient Greek phrase...

I would love to live. And to love my life. I only do not know if I am able to.

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  1. I hope you keep trying. There are things in the world worth loving.


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