Vegetarianism – As Times Go By

I started being a vegetarian when I was sixteen. Well, "a vegetarian"... I had to eat fish (because of my parents – that was their condition). Now I think it was only a way to make myself interesting. I had at least four friends who were vegetarians, my sister became one as well (after me – she was always afraid of "what parents will tell"), and it was sort of a subculture at our high school.
After five years of eating fish and not eating any other meat and proclaiming myself a vegetarian, I started eating all the meat again. It came all of a sudden: I was preparing brochettes for a friend of mine and I simply ate a half of all the bacon while slicing it. From that time on I was eating the portions of meat so huge that some people wouldn't believe there was not a tapeworm in my guts.

About two months ago I participated in a sheep slaughter (well, we called it "a sacrifice" but it made no difference) and as we were getting ready to it I realized I couldn't come to terms with a life being destroyed. It was most likely "a happy sheep" (if something like that makes sense at all) but I still felt so sorry for it that I decided right away to give up meat at all.

I don't intend to save the world, I don't particularly love animals as individuals, and I am even squeamish about a lot of species. I only love the living nature so much I cannot do that damage to it. I enjoy the pulsing life in any single body and in the nature as such. And if I don't like some animals or if they disgust me I just want to let them live far from me if possible, but who am I to kill them?

It's a matter of feelings, sentiments, the intuition,... I cannot provide you with a rational argument.

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