Come Stay at My Place

I am the lucky one: I have my own apartment. It didn't always use to be like that but I was always dreaming of it. Just to be able to invite anyone to have dinner or to spend the night without having to ask my parents or the owner of the place.

Once an ex-girl of my partner whom I hadn't even known that time yet asked me if she could stay at my place for a night. Of course she could. And my partner was angry. "Doesn't she have anyone else in Prague to stay with?" " ... it didn't cross my mind to ask." And I don't know till now. If anyone needs my help, what is here to ask about?
When my sister sort of ran away from home and asked if she can sleep at my place, I didn't ask why and for how long. Yes. Without the slightest doubt. (Even though I called my mum a day after to ask what really happened and helped them to make up.)
Not long ago a friend of mine told me he might have to interrupt his studies and therefore leave the dorm. "You can always stay at my place." "Really? Thanks."




My life is not bad because of me being a woman. It is not bad because of me not having a degree. Not because of my parents not because of my love. It is because it is me. I am not sick, it is the way I am. There is no particular reason but it could not, cannot and will never be any other way.


If You Were Afraid To Fall Asleep Because Every Evening Somebody Wakes You Up, Wouldn't You Start Hating The Sleep As Such?

I cannot sleep, I cannot speak, I cannot write, I cannot read. I am sinking deeper and deeper to the depression, the lower I am the more I hate myself. How should I get better when every thought of my condition is killing me? What could I do without blaming myself first? Let me die, letmedie, letme ... let ... ...